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    • Lift truck safety gets proactive with sensors

      Managing lift truck safety is daunting in today’s hectic materials handling environments, but safety-related technology is advancing rapidly, with sensor-driven solutions available that promise to avoid incidents before they happen. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • Q2 intermodal volumes decline, at a slower rate, reports IANA

      For the second quarter, IANA reported that total intermodal volume—at 4,630,400—is down 4.3% annually. Domestic containers—at 2,098,606—are up 4.4%, and trailers—at 230,177—are down 25.2%. All domestic equipment (comprised of trailers and domestic containers)—at 2,328,783—is up 0.2%. ISO containers are down 8.4%, to 2,301,617. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • 2022 Ocean Cargo Roundtable: Navigating the waves of unpredictability

      Shippers now need to reconsider how they position operations in a changing ocean market, how to plan and secure capacity, and how to develop long-term relationships with the most reliable ocean carriers. These are discussions focused on balanced, mutual commitments from all parties in an effort to mitigate future shipping chaos. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) gains ground in supply chain management

      On track to hit $78.4 billion in revenues by 2026, the global enterprise resource planning market is increasingly making its way into the supply chain management sector, where companies are leveraging their ERPs to both manage the current uncertainty and plan for the future. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • In wake of Supreme Court’s refusal to review California AB5 ruling, truckers turn to Plan B

      The Supreme Court’s refusal to review a legal challenge to California’s so-called AB5 rule that covers classifying independent owner-operators as trucking company employees has large truckload carriers scrambling for a suitable Plan B. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • Global Risk Mitigation: Using risk assessment tools to evaluate global suppliers

      Now that the worst of it seems to be over, it’s time to take action to mitigate any future risk of supply chain disruptions. Developing a tool or using an existing software tool for assessing risk will help identify the weak links in your supply chain—but a tool alone is not enough. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • The supply chain regulators awaken

      U.S. agencies are getting wake-up calls from Congress and shippers. robertomichel@centurylink.net

    • XPO Logistics rolls out leadership transition plan to take effect after planned spin-off

      XPO said that Brad Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, will transition to Executive Chairman, as well as Non-Executive Chairman of the spin-off, with acting LTL President and Chief Information Officer Mario Harik will assume the role of XPO CEO, which, at that point, will be a pureplay LTL carrier through the completion of the spin-off and the divestiture of its European business. robertomichel@centurylink.net